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Driftwood + Beach Glass Necklace

A few months ago as I was browsing Instagram, I saw one of my favourite jewellers (@kathrynrebeccajewellery) was having a giveaway and entered, without thinking anything of it – so many other people had entered, but I figured “why not!”. And. I. Won.

Fast forward, I met with Kathryn at her studio on Queen West, and we started talking about the necklace I’d chosen from her collection (Delicate Branch – 3rd image), and hoped to customize. My favourite hobby is beachcombing. I’m always game for going, rain, shine, snow… doesn’t matter! The thrill of finding a rare piece of glass keeps me coming back for more! What better way to represent my love for beachcombing than to add a piece of my beach glass to her branch (driftwood!) necklace! We chatted about options, looked over the tiniest pieces I had in my collection, and found a couple of options… and then chatted for an hour because she’s awesome and so much fun to hang out with.

Last night, I went to pick up my finished necklace. I was completely blown away. It’s perfect. It’s absolutely perfect, and I couldn’t love it any more than I already do. She designed the length so that it could sit just above the two small charms I always wear, we replaced my decade old worn out chain, and I will proudly wear both necklaces daily!

Thank you SO much, Kathryn! Not only do we share the same name (and spelling!), but we clearly both have great taste! 😉😘

Kathryn Rebecca necklace | blog

Kathryn Rebecca necklace | blog

Kathryn Rebecca necklace | blog

Client Feature: SaraBees

Client Feature: SaraBees |

Sara loves to capture every day people doing every day things. She’s a big believer in capturing the day-to-day things that make up the majority of our lives. While weddings and special events are a blast and come with excitement and energy, she also wants to make sure that the other aspects of our lives – like walks in the park, hobbies, or hanging out at home are part of your story that’s told through photography as well. That’s why her favourite line: “No dress rehearsal, this is our life.” by The Tragically Hip speaks to her so much.

Sara was so great to work with, we connected right away agreeing about seeing the joy in everyday life. She had the perfect mix of knowing what she wanted while also being completely open to whatever I came up with. It was so much fun to go through her Pinterest board, and get inspired by the things that inspired her. These little clues – like Pinterest boards, my Scales for Tone document and Business Elements document – they help me to get down to the true look and feel that clients are going for. While sometimes it may seem obvious, when you’re trying to set a look for yourself it can be completely overwhelming and difficult to pick just one direction. That’s where I come in. We go through all your ideas and through my “clue collecting”, I help you figure out what it is you’re really trying to say about your company specifically to your target market

I loved getting to know Sara and working with her both on her logo and then implementing her new branding on her website. It’s truly one of my favourite parts of this job – getting to meet such incredibly talented, sweet, friendly people!

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Client Feature: Christine Felstead

Client Feature: Christine Felstead |

Christine and I started working together in 2011, a relationship that immediately felt like a collaboration. We’ve worked together closely over the past seven years building her brand, her new website, her social media presence, and bouncing ideas off each other for new ways to show off her many talents as a yoga teacher, a mentor, a product maker (her book and DVDs are crazy popular for a reason) and more!

I love that I can send an idea her way even if I’m not sure about it and ask what she thinks, if it’s pushing it too much, or not enough, and how we can make improvements to the suggestions either one of us brings to the table.

Business aside, Christine is also incredibly kind, caring, and puts her whole heart out for people. She truly loves to help others, and that is so wonderfully obvious and genuine. I’ve been so fortunate to have met her and be able to both watch and be part of her business growing and changing as she does, while maintaining her consistent desire to inspire others to keep moving their bodies, no matter what.

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Client Feature: Pen Jar Productions

Client Feature: PenJar Productions |

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Alison Garwood-Jones for years on her blog, which showcases her writing and illustrative talents. I was so thrilled when she launched her Shopify store, Pen Jar Productions to let others bring home a piece of that talent! From pillows to tech accessories, her unique illustrative style injects colour and whimsy to any room!

Alison is hands down one of my favourite people to work with. She’s bright, friendly, funny, and always excited to learn something new.

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