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Lace Capelet

This beautiful lace capelet was created from a pattern I found online and tweaked a bit.

I brought the dress with me to the store to select the lace, and was surprised to find a green that matched so well.
(I’d assumed I’d be going with a light pink)

J is for Juliette

A good friend of mine is having her first baby, and I wanted to make her something very special. It took hours and hours and a bit of a learning curve, but I’m really happy with how it turned out in the end! I hope it’s something baby Juliette will love too!

(It’s hundreds of hole punched dots from a magazine glued one by one onto the cardboard with tweezers)

Inspired by: This post from Blue Velvet Chair

fabric flower

This adorable little flower was made by cutting out fabric circles, folding them in quarters and gluing the point to a smaller felt circle bottom!

It’s all ready to be made into a ring or necklace!