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Client Feature: Christine Felstead

Client Feature: Christine Felstead |

Christine and I started working together in 2011, a relationship that immediately felt like a collaboration. We’ve worked together closely over the past seven years building her brand, her new website, her social media presence, and bouncing ideas off each other for new ways to show off her many talents as a yoga teacher, a mentor, a product maker (her book and DVDs are crazy popular for a reason) and more!

I love that I can send an idea her way even if I’m not sure about it and ask what she thinks, if it’s pushing it too much, or not enough, and how we can make improvements to the suggestions either one of us brings to the table.

Business aside, Christine is also incredibly kind, caring, and puts her whole heart out for people. She truly loves to help others, and that is so wonderfully obvious and genuine. I’ve been so fortunate to have met her and be able to both watch and be part of her business growing and changing as she does, while maintaining her consistent desire to inspire others to keep moving their bodies, no matter what.

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