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Driftwood + Beach Glass Necklace

A few months ago as I was browsing Instagram, I saw one of my favourite jewellers (@kathrynrebeccajewellery) was having a giveaway and entered, without thinking anything of it – so many other people had entered, but I figured “why not!”. And. I. Won.

Fast forward, I met with Kathryn at her studio on Queen West, and we started talking about the necklace I’d chosen from her collection (Delicate Branch – 3rd image), and hoped to customize. My favourite hobby is beachcombing. I’m always game for going, rain, shine, snow… doesn’t matter! The thrill of finding a rare piece of glass keeps me coming back for more! What better way to represent my love for beachcombing than to add a piece of my beach glass to her branch (driftwood!) necklace! We chatted about options, looked over the tiniest pieces I had in my collection, and found a couple of options… and then chatted for an hour because she’s awesome and so much fun to hang out with.

Last night, I went to pick up my finished necklace. I was completely blown away. It’s perfect. It’s absolutely perfect, and I couldn’t love it any more than I already do. She designed the length so that it could sit just above the two small charms I always wear, we replaced my decade old worn out chain, and I will proudly wear both necklaces daily!

Thank you SO much, Kathryn! Not only do we share the same name (and spelling!), but we clearly both have great taste! 😉😘

Kathryn Rebecca necklace | blog

Kathryn Rebecca necklace | blog

Kathryn Rebecca necklace | blog

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