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It’s been a busy five months!

Looks beautiful and serene, doesn’t it? Nope. This photo is one of many that represents our fighting with beavers up north.


Unfortunately, they’re doing a lot of damage to the property and risking flooding the road, so we’re required to get them to move on to a different location. This took several months to sort out. We haven’t checked on it in a few weeks. I’m afraid of what we might find, but it’s going to have to happen sooner rather than later. Cross your fingers for me. As a bonus, we did get some really beautiful fall colours to look at while we ripped apart the dam for the 100th time… and we found a really fantastic chip truck nearby.


We got some fishing in, some days more successful than others…


Hallowe’en included pumpkin carving and running out of candy at 7pm… (we had 150 kids in less than 3 hours!)

Along with the holidays comes lots of baking, which I absolutely love. I made our usual family favourites, carrot pudding (shown pre-mixed below), gingerbread, whipped shortbread, fudge, and this year I made pretzel brittle which was a huuuuuge hit!



Woodland Trail Studio was so busy this holiday season, I didn’t even have time to update the website! Our Instagram usually has in progress and finished pieces, so check that out for the latest there, and the website will get updated eventually!