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Resetting in the New Year!


Yes! That’s right, I said New Year, even though we’re more than halfway through the first month!

Here’s the secret – it doesn’t matter what day it is! Any day you take the time to look at your goals and your business, is a great day to do it! Waiting for a specific day isn’t going to do you any favours. Get it done!

What you should be considering:

  • What needs to get updated?
    • If you’re like me, you probably took notes about things to update eventually. These would include things like your contract, your invoices, spreadsheets, fine print on your website – small, quick changes.
  • What did I learn from last year?
    • Good and bad here. While I like to frequently look at what I’m doing, and ask myself if I’m using my time wisely doing things this way, or if maybe there’s another way I should be going about things that could work better… it’s also really important to celebrate the good stuff! Give yourself a high-five for all your successes, and list them out on paper for those days you’re just not feeling it!
  • Business Goals for this year (whenever you start your year!)
    • What are the top three goals/objectives you want to achieve this year?
    • What are the top three biggest problems you’d love to solve with your business?
    • What are your revenue streams for this year? Are they different from last year?
    • How are you finding your potential customers? How would you love to actually find them?
    • Who is your ideal client? Be detailed!
  • Website Goals
    • Which elements on your current site are you really happy or unhappy with?
    • What do you wish your website could accomplish for your business?
    • Make an editorial calendar for blog posts and social media. Include special events like holidays, deadlines for event registrations, anniversaries etc..

For a handy PDF of these questions, plus a few more, sign up now for our monthly resources email, and get the New Year Planner right to your inbox!

If this list only served to stress you out, try looking at each answer and ask yourself “what steps can I take to make this happen, or change this?“. Didn’t help? Don’t be afraid to ask for help from pros that know how to get things done for you! I’m always here for your business, design and website needs – feel free to give me a shout and see how I can help you tackle that list!

3 thoughts on “Resetting in the New Year!”

  1. Love the goal questions!! I know I need to be better about goals and actually writing them down thinking through them and doing them! This will be a super helpful start – thanks so much for sharing!

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