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Treat Yourself!

Sometimes you just gotta treat yourself!

iPad Apple Pencil | blog
I’m super excited to have splurged on the new iPad and Apple Pencil. I’ve barely put it down since I got it, and can’t wait to keep learning!

Procreate is such an incredible app, and even though I’ve only gone through a few tutorials, I’m completely blown away with what I’ve already learned it can do!

Do you have any tips, tutorials, or brushes you can recommend to me? I’m all ears!

Point Pelee Mini Vacation

Point Pelee National Park Marsh | blog
I’ve been wanting to visit Point Pelee for a while now, so when the timing worked out to take a couple of days to visit this area, I jumped on it! Unfortunately we booked right in the middle of a heat wave, so it meant less exploring than we’d hoped, but we still managed to see a lot (and sweat a lot!)

Our first day we drove in to Point Pelee National Park straight from the GTA, no breaks! We were excited to get out to the park and see the beaches and the scenery. We headed for the point, and decided to hike from the visitor’s centre instead of taking the shuttle. It was only 2.5km, but we didn’t take into consideration the heat (and flies!). Optimistic, we started off on the beach, but with the sun beating down on us, and the heat wave making the temperatures feel like 44C, it was too much, so we switched to a forest footpath. We saw some patches of prickly pear cactus which was really neat – but the stable flies and deer flies were driving us insane, so we went to the road.

Prickly Pear Cactus | blog

We made it to the point, and checked out the beach area around it. They have extremely dangerous rip currents around the point, so no swimming or even wading is allowed in case you fall. We were just completely done from the sun and heat so we took the shuttle back. It was bliss.

Point Pelee National Park  | blog

Point Pelee National Park  | blog

We started back towards our AirBnb cottage, but stopped at this lookout on the way out of the park. You could hear “SHLURP” every so often as the bass sucked bugs off the top of the water from between the lily pads.

Point Pelee National Park  | blog

Point Pelee National Park  | blog

We got settled in at the cottage, had a bite to eat (and discovered a family of raccoons were living in the attic), and walked down the road to check out the nearby beach. Unfortunately recent storms had washed a lot of it away, so we hopped back in the car to see what else we could find, and found Seacliff Beach – a big park with a huge sand beach.

road   | blog

Seacliff Beach   | blog

The next day we decided to hike Hillman Marsh Conservatory. The hike would be about 5km, but it was two degrees cooler than yesterday (felt like 42C), so we foolishly went for it… Thankfully there was some shade from trees here or there, but it was still way too long of a hike for the heat.

Hillman Marsh   | blog

Partway through there was a lookout tower we climbed. I’ve never seen marsh grasses as tall as these, had to be at least 10 feet high! The photos make it look like we’re not a full story up in the air! We looked out over the marsh, and realized we were only halfway into the hike… (the white dot about the centre of the image was where we started)

Hillman Marsh   | blog

Onwards through the marsh, we hiked and saw the biggest lilypads I’ve every seen in my life – they had to be 2 feet across! The flowers were beautiful and the size of a football! We also got to see a bunch of bobolinks, and other marsh birds.

Hillman Marsh   | blog

Hillman Marsh   | blog

When we got back to the cottage, we realized we really overdid it in the sun, so we took a couple of hours to rest in the air conditioning… but not before seeing the temperature! Oops!

Temperature | blog

After cooling down, we headed out to Wheatley Provincial Park. It was beautiful, and we had a nice walk along the beach, but it was still too hot, so we didn’t spend as much time there as we would have had it been cooler. I definitely have a better idea of how to plan a future trip to the area though, so it was still worth it!

On our last day, we decided to go back to Pelee National Park so we could do the marsh walk (1km), and thankfully it was much, much cooler (30C), because the whole marsh walk is in direct sun. There were swallows everywhere! It was so neat to see them flying around and catching bugs, and flying in/out of their nests – which were everywhere!

Point Pelee National Park  | blog

Point Pelee National Park  | blog

Point Pelee National Park  | blog

Point Pelee National Park  | blog

Point Pelee National Park  | blog

We headed out and on our way home, taking Talbot Trail instead of the 401, and stopping at any beaches we found along the way, or had promise via Google Satellite.

Burns Beach | blog

Since Rondeau Provincial Park was on the way, we figured we might as well add another checkmark to our parks checklist! The beach sand was so soft. On the way out we spotted something… can you see it?

Rondeau Provincial Park | blog

Rondeau Provincial Park | blog

A garter snake! It was sunning itself, and quite small – I haven’t seen a beige one before!

Rondeau Provincial Park | blog

Three down, plenty more to go – loving exploring our beautiful province!
Parks Guides | blog

Client Feature: SaraBees

Client Feature: SaraBees |

Sara loves to capture every day people doing every day things. She’s a big believer in capturing the day-to-day things that make up the majority of our lives. While weddings and special events are a blast and come with excitement and energy, she also wants to make sure that the other aspects of our lives – like walks in the park, hobbies, or hanging out at home are part of your story that’s told through photography as well. That’s why her favourite line: “No dress rehearsal, this is our life.” by The Tragically Hip speaks to her so much.

Sara was so great to work with, we connected right away agreeing about seeing the joy in everyday life. She had the perfect mix of knowing what she wanted while also being completely open to whatever I came up with. It was so much fun to go through her Pinterest board, and get inspired by the things that inspired her. These little clues – like Pinterest boards, my Scales for Tone document and Business Elements document – they help me to get down to the true look and feel that clients are going for. While sometimes it may seem obvious, when you’re trying to set a look for yourself it can be completely overwhelming and difficult to pick just one direction. That’s where I come in. We go through all your ideas and through my “clue collecting”, I help you figure out what it is you’re really trying to say about your company specifically to your target market

I loved getting to know Sara and working with her both on her logo and then implementing her new branding on her website. It’s truly one of my favourite parts of this job – getting to meet such incredibly talented, sweet, friendly people!

Learn more about my work with Sara »

Client Feature: Christine Felstead

Client Feature: Christine Felstead |

Christine and I started working together in 2011, a relationship that immediately felt like a collaboration. We’ve worked together closely over the past seven years building her brand, her new website, her social media presence, and bouncing ideas off each other for new ways to show off her many talents as a yoga teacher, a mentor, a product maker (her book and DVDs are crazy popular for a reason) and more!

I love that I can send an idea her way even if I’m not sure about it and ask what she thinks, if it’s pushing it too much, or not enough, and how we can make improvements to the suggestions either one of us brings to the table.

Business aside, Christine is also incredibly kind, caring, and puts her whole heart out for people. She truly loves to help others, and that is so wonderfully obvious and genuine. I’ve been so fortunate to have met her and be able to both watch and be part of her business growing and changing as she does, while maintaining her consistent desire to inspire others to keep moving their bodies, no matter what.

Learn more about my work with Christine »

Client Feature: Pen Jar Productions

Client Feature: PenJar Productions |

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Alison Garwood-Jones for years on her blog, which showcases her writing and illustrative talents. I was so thrilled when she launched her Shopify store, Pen Jar Productions to let others bring home a piece of that talent! From pillows to tech accessories, her unique illustrative style injects colour and whimsy to any room!

Alison is hands down one of my favourite people to work with. She’s bright, friendly, funny, and always excited to learn something new.

Check out her shop here »

New Brunswick Road Trip – Summary

Want to go through the posts in order? Click on the links below, and they’ll open in new windows so you can follow along chronologically!

Day 1 – 2Day 1: Home to Lévis, Québec. Day 2: Lévis, Québec to Bathurst, NB.
Day 3: Bathurst, NB to Beresford, NB to Bouctouche, NB.
Day 4Bouctouche, NB to Hopewell Rocks Park, NB, to Alma, NB through Fundy National Park to Saint John, NB.
Day 5, 6Day 5: Saint John, NB to Rivière-du-Loup, Québec. Day 6: Rivière-du-Loup, Québec to Home!

New Brunswick Road Trip – Day 5 and 6

Day 5: Saint John, NB to Rivière-du-Loup, Québec (490km)

Started off the day by going to Irving Nature Park! We checked out this beautiful beach before heading up the trail to see what other beaches were there. We didn’t realize at the time you could drive to various points in the park… we also didn’t realize the trip around the entire park’s coast was an 8km hike.

Started off strong on the Squirrel Trail!

The sky was split in two with clouds forming an almost perfect line:

From the observation deck, we saw seals hanging out! The Seal Trail did not disappoint!

Can’t pass up checking out the tide pools…

We weren’t sure what these tracks were from, we’ll need to look it up!

This boardwalk looked really nice… but we were already several hours into a hike we hadn’t intended on taking, so we skipped it.

A few minutes later, we found a random car scrapyard of several Minis. It was totally weird and out of place, but the highlight of the hike for my other half, who identified them as Minis based off the rain catch tray from the dashboard, and the air intake. Then we found this one semi folded in half…

Angry red squirrels followed us around hoping for food. This guy had a stash of sunflower seeds in here and yelled at us when we grabbed a few to feed the chickadees that were flying around and happy to land on a friendly hand offering seeds!

Here’s a map of the park – too bad we didn’t look at it before we set out, but it was an excellent hike, especially with all the time we spent sitting in the car the past several days.

Couldn’t leave without stopping at more beaches as we passed by them! It was chilly and damp with some rain, but we stayed another few hours later having fun looking along the shore.

We have a competition any time we got out beach combing… and this was the winner, even though I found some pretty great pieces. This bottle was from a broken Fellows & Co Chemist – Saint John, NB bottle! It was fun to hang out in the hotel room that night and try to figure out where it was from.

Even though we left for Québec a lot later than expected, we had a very full and very fun day – definitely worth it. We stayed in Rivière-du-Loup when we were ready to stop driving for the night. Wish we could have explored it a bit too, but we needed to get an early start for our very long 10-11 hour drive home the next day.

Day 6: Rivière-du-Loup, Québec to Home! (1020km)

We spent a solid 10-11 hours driving today. It was long, but not as bad as I expected. We got this gorgeous sunset, and made it home safely – what more could you ask for!