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Ringing in the New Year … Reasonably.

Happy New Year!

Every year, I hear people go on about all the resolutions they really REALLY swear they’re going to do this year. As if this year is any different than all the others.

They’re going to workout 4-5 days a week, they’re going to go to Yoga, they’re going to take up three new hobbies, they’re going to eat better and give up dozens of things. I’m not as good at math as my brilliant sister, but even I know that doesn’t add up.

This year, I’m actually considering “resolutions”. I never have in the past, because I knew I’d never stick with them. I’m referring to them as “resolutions” because I’d rather call them new habits. Reasonable habits.

Instead of swearing I’ll do 100 new things, I’m going to try to do a couple of things, not every week, but maybe every month, and if it doesn’t happen that month, no guilt. It’s not a resolution, it’s trying to get into the habit.

1. Every month, I’m going to meet up with a friend and do a craft/baking night.
I have dozens of saved how-to blogs that I’d love to try but never seem to find the time. This way, I’m going to spend time with one of my favourite people, and we’re both going to pick a fun craft/baking thing to do.

2. I’m going to do stuff for ME.
I’m switching this whole resolution thing around, instead of me doing things, I’m going to do things for me. First thing on the list – a massage from the amazing Alison Tunley, RMT.

3. I’m going to go to yoga once a month.
My friend Shelly just opened up her new studio Lila Yoga Studio, and I let life and running my own business get me out of the habit of going. Once a month doesn’t seem like much, but that’s the thing, I’m going to try to get back into it slowly, so I’m not sitting here thinking “shoot, another day went by and I didn’t go”. No pressure.

That’s it. Three things. I’m not going to overwhelm myself, I’m going to start some new habits, and see how it goes, who needs January 1st to create some new habits a few months down the line? Maybe I’ll add a few more come March!