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Québec City

Last weekend I got to attend a wedding in Québec City! The food was incredible, the sights were incredible, and the wedding was too!

This Eggs Benedict for example, looked so good that I took a picture of it! I never do that! It smelled so good that I didn’t even care when it turned out blurry, because I just wanted to eat it. Zero regrets. It was delicious. (This was at Les Trois Garçons)


We ate at Cochon Dingue, recommended by the bride and groom – and for good reason! We also ate at Paillard, and foolishly didn’t think to bring any croissants home! The most amazing croissants I had though, were at the Château Frontenac brunch. I will never forget those.


MAPLE CHOCOLATE!!! The market down at the Port was full of amazing chocolates, cheeses and fruit!



We climbed about a million stairs, several times over, and went on a Ghost Tour as well. It totally balanced out all the food. I’m pretty sure I tried 4 different kinds of poutine in just 3 days…

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