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Noted all the thoughts!

I recently wrote about noting every thoughts in a previous post, which inspired me to do a much needed “brain dump” to help organize my current digital to do lists and free my mind.

So here it is! It’s not beautiful, or prioritized (yet), but it’s all out there. I’ll make improvements, maybe get some fun coloured post-it notes and find a way to avoid using painter’s tape (but still protect the wall), but for now, it’s all there! Look! It’s all my “to do” items! Great… um, wow, there’s a lot there, and most of them aren’t going to be quick to complete.

to do lists

The picture is blurry, because that’s how it kind of feels right now. There’s a lot to get done. Some items I’m really excited about, others, not so much. After spending all that time getting the important to do items down, I realized today that I’m missing something really important on the wall – balance. I’m missing the positive, inspirational pieces of paper that remind me that although there’s a ton to do, I can (and will) get it done, and do it to the best of my ability. Pinterest has an infinite amount of this type of stuff, but it’s all digital, and short of taping my iPad to my wall, I need to find some new stuff to remind myself that it’s not all bad, and I’m excited about growing my business so I don’t get lost in the infinite to do items.

Cheesy? Maybe a bit, but there’s always days when you need a cheesy little reminder that you’re awesome and can do anything – besides, cheese is delicious.