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May in Haliburton

Amazing weekend for wildlife!
Totals: Too many birds to count, 1 huge black bear running away (hence no photo), 3 moose, 3 deer, salamanders and bugs! Also caught the first fish of the season (catch and release of course), two nice little largemouth bass!
(P.S. this weekend has me definitely thinking about getting a telephoto lens!)

Saw a woodcock on the side of the road during a night drive down a back road through the woods. I’d never seen one before, very neat little bird, and it seemed pretty unafraid of my hanging out the car window snapping shots of it in the beam of the headlights!

We saw 3 moose this weekend! Two were later in the evening (a mother and calf), wouldn’t have gotten a clear shot, but this guy was just chilling in the forest flicking his ears (the blackflies are out!)

Saw tons of tracks around the area where we saw the moose the previous evening:

On our way back, we figured we’d been incredibly lucky to have seen the moose – we weren’t expecting to see these two deer! Saw another deer on the night drive too.

This bug was so cool, but after much google-ing we were happy we hadn’t touched it. Apparently it can cause a chemical burn on your skin. It’s called an Oil Beetle. Clearly we’ve got a male and a female here!

We can’t pass up checking under stumps/logs to see what’s under there: