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Introducing… Violet!

Well, the (what we though was) impossible happened! Flower, my female scarlet badis, and the male (who remains unnamed) had a baby! We’d just finished hearing from someone all the intricate details about how to simulate the monsoon rains etc. so that they might breed, got home, and there she was! We’re assuming she’s a female because she’s a few weeks old and still white, just like her mother. We could be wrong, but we’ll see how things go! She’s been out and about a fair bit the past couple of weeks, even swimming in the open tank with the rest of the fish. We’ve named her Violet, in keeping with the floral name of her Mother, Flower.

Without further ado, here’s Violet! (she’s about 0.75cm long)


This is Flower, she’s about 1.5cm long:


Also, a sad goodbye to “Pinecone”. He was the older/duller of the two male scarlet badis, and came down with dropsy, a condition that makes them bloat up so their scales stick out like a pinecone. (Violet’s Father is the younger, brighter, smaller male so we may get more babies yet)