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Gecko friends in Cape Tribulation

When we arrived at the Daintree rainforest, we learned it’s not only a World Heritage site, it’s also older than the Amazon! We stayed at the Ferntree Rainforest Lodge, a really neat place with bright windows and a long porch we sat on each night with a glass of wine before dinner.

It seems like everything there is bigger, grasshoppers, bats, bugs, spiders… spiders… spiders… but the geckos were delightfully the same size as I’ve always seen. They were shy, but I got a couple of shots.

One of them was about 5cm long, and decided to hide in my bed. (I checked my bed every single night with a flashlight before crawling in)

This is about the actual size of the grasshoppers:

View from the porch:

En route to breakfast:
Cape Tribulation
Where we had most of our meals:
Cape Tribulation