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FITC gem #1: Find your Flow State

One of the things that’s really stuck in my mind since FITC Toronto, 2011, was something Mike Creighton said during his speech Harnessing the Abundance.

He talked about the “Flow State”: when you’re fully immersed in what you’re doing with no awareness of time and surroundings. You’re got a never ending energy and 100% focus on doing what you love.

I hope most people love their jobs (like I do), but even when you love your job, you’ve probably still got hobbies on the side that are extra special to you, because they’re not connected to anyone else. You decide when you start, finish, how far you want to change it from your original idea and no one has any say or sway in it. It’s 100% yours.

I decided that I wanted to make a list of Flow State Projects so that when I found myself with some extra time in the evenings, I could look over the list and decide what I felt like working on. For me, I’d say my Flow State Project list will consist of clothes and jewellery I’ve already got some cool ideas about. I always feel extra inspired when I work on a personal project, and that always helps the creativity flow for my client work. Win-win!