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ABCs of Business: Analyze, Business Plan, Call-to-Action

ABCs of Business - A, B, C

A is for Analyze:
Analyzing is a part of business in several ways; you analyze how your marketing strategy is going (using tracking and analytics), you analyze how your business is growing, and it’s also important to analyze your online presence (website and social media) to make sure that it’s in line with your target market, your goals, and branding message. If you’re not analyzing where you’re at, you could be missing opportunities to improve your message, better speak to (and engage with) your ideal clients, and identify where you’re leaving money on the table.
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B is for Business Plan:
Taking the time to create a solid business plan including market research, a financial plan, operations processes, systems templates, a marketing plan and a sales plan will provide you with the foundation you need to better predict the viability and profitability of your business. Get a sense of what you can expect running your business, and discover valuable insights about your target market, competition and overall picture.

Even if you’ve already started your business, ever changing trends, technologies, and any number of other factors will affect your business plans and goals. Look at each aspect of your business annually, create new goals, and assess what worked in previous years (and what didn’t!). It’s important to recognize these changes, and have a plan to make your business thrive in the positive, and survive and overcome the challenges.
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C is for Call-to-Action:
Call-to-actions are a vital part of marketing – you want to make sure you’re letting your audience know what you want them to do! Call-to-actions are phrases that prompt the user to want to take some sort of action. For example: purchase something, sign up for a newsletter, take part in an offer, etc. Encouraging your audience to take action is often done through creating a sense of urgency (a limited time offer), getting something in return (a freebie/discount/sale), or evoking enough curiosity on their part to click the link (click-bait titles). CTAs are also often used for tracking how well a campaign is doing, or testing different methods of advertising by analyzing which ones were the most effective.

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