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Nature Hike

We went on several nature hikes en route to Cape Tribulation, and while we were there, too. It was great to learn about all the trees, plants and creatures within the stunning scenery.

They’re big on these suspension bridges…

Fig trees/Strangler trees are a big problem, they choke out the tree that they climb, and eventually the host tree dies and disintegrates leaving a hollow fig tree.

Port Douglas

On our way to Cape Tribulation, we stopped off in Port Douglas, famous for celebrities frequently visiting, and is the town closest to where Steve Irwin died when he was hit by a stingray. It’s also where a few movies have been filmed, such as Fool’s Gold.

This was one of the lookout views we stopped at along the way:

There is a beautiful church there, St. Mary’s by the Sea, where you can get married with a view of the ocean.
st. mary's by the sea
st. mary's by the sea
st mary's by the sea

A beautiful tree – so bright. Took tons of pics of this one.

These tiny crabs made the most intricate designs in the sand by forming tiny balls as they built their homes/escapes/hideaways daily.

Spot the crab!

Trip of a Lifetime

I’ve always wanted to visit Australia and New Zealand. I saved for a few years, and planned out how to make the most of my 5 week trip of a lifetime. Now that I’m back from down under, I’d like as many chances as possible to revisit my amazing memories from my trip, so I’m going to start posting some of the photos I took, and what I learned.

So without further ado, the first image in the series:

This is a cassowary, it is a rare bird and endangered in Australia. I took this photo when we were on a nature hike through the rainforest in Cape Tribulation.

This image is one of the most photographed, as a reminder to watch out for the birds on the road: