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Flicker Box

Every year, flickers drill a new hole into my family’s cottage. Every year, we fix the hole, and every year they move 1 foot on either side, and drill another. This year… we decided to take a different approach, and build a flicker nesting box! After a bunch of research online, I found some blueprints (I used a few sources and used bits and pieces from each). We built it, and installed it – here’s hoping we don’t find a new hole beside it this spring!



Happy Mother’s Day!

A little salt dough figurine has been hanging in our kitchen for as long as I can remember, so when her head broke off, I wanted to find a way to fix her. Unfortunately, the dough was just too old, and she was beyond repair, so I decided to use my skills as a needle felter to recreate her in felt!

It’s pretty amazing that these fluffy balls of wool can be stabbed into the shape of virtually anything!


Here we go! I created the head, arms, body, dress, apron and hat. (The original figurine is in a baggie to keep all the broken pieces together)


I started to attach all the pieces and used light yellow yarn for her hair.



(a bit blurry, but progress!) Hands, sleeves, hair and shoes are done!


Adding more detail…


Face, freckles and glasses!


The final product! I’m so excited to show my Mom on Mother’s Day!




Lace Capelet

This beautiful lace capelet was created from a pattern I found online and tweaked a bit.

I brought the dress with me to the store to select the lace, and was surprised to find a green that matched so well.
(I’d assumed I’d be going with a light pink)