Website Design & Development

Whether you're looking to redesign your current site, refocus your business, or start fresh, we'll create a strategy, look and build that's unique to your business.

From initial strategy planning, to static design, to building the final site, we'll use your goals to drive the strategy of the site while offering insight and recommendations.

Drawing on past experience and current trends, we design beautiful, clean websites. A strong attention to detail brings the websites we create to a distinctly professional level.

Your website is your online credibility. It's what people look at before they decide to buy from you to make sure they can trust your company to deliver what you're offering.
When your website doesn't have a clear strategy and branding message, it creates doubt with your potential customers.
Your website can make or break your sales. If you're using a free diy service, or it looks like it was created in the '90s and hasn't been updated since then - you're going to lose people that want a company that shows they consistently invest in themselves.
  • initial consultation via email/phone (to get a better idea of what you're looking for)
  • business plan elements summary document (questions based on your business plan to help nail down the focal points of the site)
  • scales for tone document (adjectives are rated on a scale of 1-10 to help determine the look/feel of the design)
  • strategy plan based on business plan elements summary
  • wireframes based on strategy plan
  • gathering inspiration to drive the design in the right direction
  • branding design process (if included in quote, more details »)
  • unique web design concepts matching your branding and goals
  • revisions to design concepts
  • coding the website in a content management system
  • training document for updating the site yourself
Starting at $4500+hst
Timeline: approx 8-10 weeks

PROCESS: Discover it, Plan it, Make it pretty, Build it.

This first step helps us get to know you and your business. We'll talk about your business plan, target market, what you'd like to accomplish in the next year, and what your current branding says about your company. From there, we'll develop a strategic plan to get the results you're looking for.
Time to put the information and ideas from the 'Discover It' phase into a solid plan. Wireframes will be used to determine the hierarchy of information and ensure that the website reflects your message and objectives. These black and white documents help to plan functionality without being distracted by design elements.
The design phase is where we use our experience and expertise to deliver your message in a beautiful, custom, on-brand package with clear navigation and attention to detail. Whether you're looking to update the site yourself, or have us maintain it for you, we'll build it using current technology, user-friendly functionality, and organic SEO practices.


How long does it take for the entire process?
Typically it takes about 8-10 weeks, there's a fair bit of back and forth to make sure that we've got everything just right, so some of the schedule will depend on how quickly feedback is received.

If you have any other questions, please contact us »

What if I'm happy with my website and I just want to tweak how it looks here and there?
Sounds more like you're looking for a website makeover versus a whole redesign. If there are elements of several services you'd like to include, feel free to shoot us an email and we'll work out a custom solution for you.