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Let's Do This - Original Minimal Theme
Let's Do This - Original Minimal Theme

Let’s Do This

We all procrastinate, what helps is to find tools that will help you get those irksome tasks done. Sometimes breaking a big task into smaller chunks is the best way to get past the paralysis of feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes there are things we need to get done that we just don’t want to – this planner will help you to just. get. it. done.

Tip: Break the tasks down into smaller chunks and list them out. Set a timer for 15 minutes. Remind yourself you can suck it up for 15 minutes and at least get started. Whatever you do in that 15 minutes is what you get done (for now). Most of the time it won’t talk half as long as you think it will. Add more chunks of time in between other things that you don’t mind doing, and chip away at it. If 15 minutes is still too daunting, start smaller! Find a way to get past that feeling holding you back and just START.

The PDF is set up for a standard letter size paper, with four sections printed per sheet. Simply print, fold (or cut), and get productive!

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