Ongoing Website Maintenance

You've got updates to make to your site regularly, but don't have the time (or knowledge/interest) to do it yourself.

You've already got a ton on your plate, and figuring out when and how to do all the little updates that need to consistently happen to your site just isn't making the top of your priority list anymore.

Having someone reliable to make these updates to your site daily, weekly, or monthly will keep all your promotions, graphics and content current so you can focus on building your business.

A monthly pay-as-you-go service for updating all the little things that come up while running your business; graphics, banners, promotions, content, code, etc.
Your website's content needs to be current and up to date at all times. Out of date information on your site creates distrust to your audience - they can't tell if your business is still active.
Delegating the various updates that need to happen on your site will free up time to take care of your clients and run your business more smoothly.
  • initial consultation via email/phone (to get a better idea of what you're looking for)
  • daily, weekly, or monthly updates as they come in
  • pay-as-you-go billing based on whatever updates need to happen that month
  • recommendations for website improvements as they come up

Monthly updates can include (but aren't limited to):

  • creation of banners or graphics
  • updating the content, adding posts, pages
  • changes or updates to the code to reflect new services or products on the site
  • adding new functionality (forms, buttons, etc.)
Billing depends on the tasks requested and will vary from month to month. We'll start by quoting out the changes as they come in so you can get a better idea of the approximate cost for the types of updates you need, and then move to billing at the end of the month.

Timeline: most minor changes can be completed within 24hours on business days.


How many updates per month do I need to do?
Only as many as you need. Daily, weekly, or monthly.

How much time do you need to complete the updates?
Depending on the task, the timing will vary. Most minor updates can be completed within a business day or so.

Instead of monthly, can you do a one-off update for me?
Of course! Send me an email and we'll talk about what you need.

If you have any other questions, please contact us »

Can any pre-existing website have website updates?
Most can, but some Wordpress themes limit the amount of changes that can be done, so the first step is to make sure that all the changes you want to make can be applied to your theme. If not, we can look at using a different theme to make sure you get exactly what you want!