Website Analysis

An honest, objective analysis of your website to make sure your site is communicating with you think it is, and visitors are being converted to buyers.

Taking your target market, branding message, and call to action items on your website into consideration, we'll look at how the hierarchy of information, layout and design is relating to your intended message and goals and provide you with a PDF including recommendations that improve the delivery of your message.

Once you review the PDF of recommendations, you'll decide which ones you'd like to move forward with. The cost to fix these items will be quoted separately from the cost of the initial analysis, you're only quoted for the recommendations you wish to implement.

An objective look at your website's message.
Missing out on opportunities to reach your target market means leaving money on the table.
Your website should represent your company, and convert visitors into buyers.
  • initial consultation via email/phone (to get a better idea of what you're looking for)
  • business plan elements summary document (questions based on your business plan to help nail down the focal points of the site)
  • scales for tone document (adjectives are rated on a scale of 1-10 to help determine what the look/feel of the design should be)
  • the documents are analyzed in conjunction with the website
  • the results and recommendations from the analysis are delivered in PDF format
Starting at $450+hst
Timeline: approx 2 weeks


This first step helps us get to know you and your business. We'll go over your business plan, target market, what you'd like to accomplish in the next year, and what your current branding says about your company.
The business plan documents are used to compare against the various aspects of the website to identify where improvements can be made.
A PDF document is provided with clear indications of where improvements should be made to optimize your conversion rates, make your messaging clearer, and any other issues that come up are addressed (such as errors/typos).


How long does it take for the entire process?
Typically it takes about two weeks, but it also depends on how much time you want to invest in it yourself. If you've already got a lot going on, we can stretch it out to suit your schedule, or if you want to dedicate lots of time to it, we can create a schedule with milestones that's shorter.

If you have any other questions, please contact us »

I made my website myself, can you still make updates to it to fix any issues that come up?
Usually, yes, but it depends on how the website was created. We'll take a look at what needs to be improved, and how to make that happen based on how your website was created.