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The Candi Factory

The Candi Factory has the cutest underwear around! Soft, comfortable and “cheeky” (yes, I went there) designs make them a favourite all across Canada.

Some new branding sparked an update to the website design, and I had the privilege of getting to work on it. The clean, simplified site includes a white background and grey text throughout to let the underwear’s design and colour pop off the page. Proudly based in Toronto, Ontario, all the underwear is homemade with love. Shop online or at one of their merchant locations, but either way – grab a pair!

PROJECT TYPE: Website Design & Development
TONE, LOOK & FEEL: Playful, colourful photography
TARGET AUDIENCE: Anyone that wears underwear!
ROLE: Strategy, Design & Development

The Candi Factory


The white background helps the colourful underwear pop off the page. The fun and playful copy paired with the colourful and often cheeky humour makes for a really fun and unique site!

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The Candi Factory