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The Beachcombing Center

The Beachcombing Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to education about worldwide shoreline finds and raising awareness about coastal erosion and marine debris.

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The Beachcombing Center - Home


The home page features lots of bright colours of some of the beautiful pieces of glass, pottery and other treasures that are part of the center’s collection. The three main sections are highlighted at the top: Resources, Collection, and Shop. Below that is a quick introduction to the center, and then the three most recent Blog posts and an area for the most recent News/Events, which automatically updates as new posts are added.

The Beachcombing Center - Collection

WEBSITE: Collection

The ever-updating collection features treasure that Mary herself has found as well as a wide variety of donated pieces from all around the world. To showcase these, a simple gallery with a lightbox on click lets the user easily scroll through each piece.

The Beachcombing Center - Shop


The Shopify store has been integrated right into the WordPress site, dynamically updating as things change on the shop. Easily add items to your cart and checkout using Shopify’s secure server.

The Beachcombing Center


The blog is the perfect place for continued education about identifying pieces found, tips, tricks, more information about coastal erosion, and keeping our beaches and coastlines clean.