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Sarabees Photography

Sara loves to capture every day people doing every day things. She’s a big believer in capturing the day-to-day things that make up the majority of our lives. While weddings and special events are a blast and come with such incredible excitement and energy, she also wants to make sure that the other aspects of our lives – like walks in the park, hobbies, or hanging out at home are part of your story that’s told through photography as well. “No dress rehearsal, this is our life.” – The Tragically Hip

• Logo Design
• Web Makeover


Sara was looking for a professional, minimal and clean wordmark to represent her photography business. Something light and airy, using black and white, and influenced by geometric shapes, circular in particular. It should be friendly and inviting, without being frilly or busy in any way. Once the workmark was complete, we applied it to her website so the entire brand message was cohesive and true to her.

Website Makeover samples to come.