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Canadian Makers

Canadian Makers highlights both upcoming and much loved artists, makers, and creators based in Canada. Hattie and Kathryn create seasonal online marketplaces bringing together makers from across this beautiful country!

• Logo Design
• Custom Shopify
• Web Design
• Web Development


Calligraphy/brush lettering and watercolour are both huge trends right now, and with good reason! They’re beautiful, playful and the watercolour gives such a great texture and depth. The letters were drawn out based on the current popular calligraphy style, duplicated for the letters that repeat, and then painted by hand, and brought back into the computer for fixing up bits and pieces, and to clean up the edges.


This illustrated wreath and hand drawn wordmark was a big part of the branding for the 2018 Holiday Online Marketplace.

More elements and screenshots of the site to come.