kbarlow design is a web and graphic design studio in Toronto, Ontario.
We offer business strategy, websites, corporate identities, and graphic solutions, customized and branded to match each client’s distinctive style and business goals.

We’re about more than just making it pretty. We’re design professionals, Apple aficionados, and think spreadsheets are awesome.

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  • Our passion for creating beautiful things is shared in both our professional work from nine to five and play from five to nine on the blog.


    Whether you’re looking to redesign your current site, refocus your business, or start fresh,
    we’ll create a strategy, look and build that’s unique to your business.

    From initial strategy planning, to static design, to building the final site, we help clients determine their goals and keep them as the focus of the design while offering insight and recommendations. Drawing on past experience and current trends, we design beautiful, clean websites with valid code. A strong attention to detail brings the websites we create to a distinctly professional level.


    This first step helps us get to know you and your business. We’ll talk about your business goals, target market, what you’d like to accomplish in the next year, and what your current branding says about your company. From there, we’ll develop a strategic plan to get the results you’re looking for.


    Time to put the information and ideas from the ‘Discover It’ phase into a solid plan. We’ll create a mini business plan covering the next twelve months, and include actionable items to put you on the path to reaching your goals. Wireframes will be used to determine the hierarchy of information and ensure that the website reflects your message and objectives.


    The design phase is where we use our experience and expertise to deliver your message in a beautiful, custom, on-brand package with clear navigation and attention to detail. Whether you’re looking to update the site yourself, or have us maintain it for you, we’ll build it using current technology, user-friendly functionality, and organic SEO practices.


    It’s all about first impressions. Your branding is the first thing people will use to make a judgement about your company – you’d better make sure it’s communicating what you think it is. Branding projects are some of the most challenging and rewarding projects to work on – summarizing a business’ mission, tone, and culture in a symbol is always very gratifying.


    What good is a site if you can’t find it? Basic Search Engine Optimization is included in development projects. No sneaky tricks here, everything is on the up and up for optimum results. We always recommend using a natural flow of keywords in your content; it makes more sense to your readers and keeps those SEO bots happy. SEO can also be improved on existing sites. Confused about how SEO works? Contact us, and we’d be happy to explain it in a non-techy way.