kbarlow design

kbarlow design is a web and graphic design studio in Toronto, Ontario.

We offer business strategy, websites, corporate identities, and graphic solutions, customized and branded to match each client’s distinctive style and business goals. We’re about more than just making it pretty.
We’re design professionals, business consultants, and think spreadsheets are awesome.

Business Strategy & Consulting

business-strategy-consulting-50Providing the guidance and tools to achieve your business’s goals through your online presence.

Whether you’ve got an idea for a business you haven’t started yet, you’re a new start-up, or you’ve been running your business for several years, having an up-to-date business plan is key to growing your business and achieving your goals.

Taking the time to create a solid business plan including market research, a financial plan, operations processes, systems templates, a marketing plan and a sales plan will provide you with the foundation you need to better predict the viability of your business idea.

A hands-on audit of your completed Business Plan will ensure it covers the most important elements in depth. We’ll provide recommendations and feedback to ensure you’re on the right track with your business goals for the upcoming year.

Ever changing trends, technologies, and any number of other factors will affect your business plans and goals. It’s important to look at each aspect of your business annually, create new goals, and assess what worked in previous years (and what didn’t!).

If your numbers aren’t working, neither will your business. Your Financial Plan is one of the most important parts of your business. Spreadsheets are your friend here, and are absolutely vital to your business plan. Your numbers need to be rock solid.

Creative Services

web-design-dev-50Whether you’re looking to redesign your current site, refocus your business, or start fresh, we’ll create a strategy, look, and build that’s unique to your business.

Our passion for creating beautiful things is shared in both our professional work from nine to five and play from five to nine on the blog.

Whether you’re looking to redesign your current site, refocus your business, or start fresh, we’ll create a strategy, look, and build that’s unique to your business goals. Drawing on past experience and current trends, we design beautiful, clean, websites with a strong attention to detail.

Your branding is the first thing people will use to make a judgement about your company – you’d better be sure it’s communicating what you think it is. Whether you need a full rebrand or a refresh, we’ll learn about your business; its voice, mission, tone, culture, message and goals, and turn that into something your company can be proud of.

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